Tuesday, February 14, 2017


This is my first posting in well over two months and I have forgotten much about how I prepared the creation at that time. I was very sick for practically all of December and January and as a result of the sickness my memory does not work like I think it did. I will attempt to continue the five day a week postings that I prepared in those earlier days. There is no guarantee but I do hope to return to the previous posting form.

Commentary: It was a good day...I had visits from the Smith's and the McPhail"s and then, in the late afternoon, a group of nine ladies.... The Hendricks County Treblemakers, provided me with a serenade compliments of the staff at Hendricks County Voter Registration. I am so blessed by the people I know. They are a fine group.

I will attempt to continue these postings and also try to return to the original form.