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To date 23 of the projects I have backed were successfully funded and 5 failed to meet their goal and received no funding.
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The purpose of this writing and those that may follow it for the next few days is to attempt to cause you readers to know the importance of politics in your daily life. Linden has been a supporter of Citizens Against Government Waste practically since it's inception in 1989 and has some confidence in their presentations. From their Spring Waste Watch: “Since 1989, The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) has examined roll call votes to identify those members of Congress who defend taxpayer interests and those who are betraying the taxpayers' trust. …..” In this issue Linden was not surprised at all to see that Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly was rated as HOSTILE to taxpayers. Memory tells me that The Indianapolis Star endorsed him for the position he now holds. As yesterday's commentary noted, “Believe Nothing.”

The first article linked below addresses addresses this subject while the other two linked articles may be used from now until election day in the hope that every voter will have read them and, of course, the hope is that they will think about the contents.
Believe Nothing related article:

It Is The Party! Link:

Why you should vote for Donald Trump link:
Thursday was brightened by a nice note from my favorite elder granddaughter. We had our usual good breakfast meeting of the guys with all present. After picking up my mail I resumed my usual non productive passage of time.
97th Regimental String Band is the featured group this week.

Song of the day: Battle Hymn Of The Republic:



The democrats brought you Obamacare.
Obama, Clinton, Reid, and Pelosi lead the forces of evil.
Hate crime laws should be overturned.
Baseline budgeting is a taxpayer insult.
Hillary Clinton's actions risked our national security.
Your life is affected by politics every day.
Only you can think for you: do it and vote.

SCOTUS: undeserving of respect.
Your political party is not more important than your country!