Monday, February 20, 2017


It seems that there are much fewer news items that generate a Lindenwould blog posting since the last election and since this blog is politically focused, the writings will be, perhaps, less inclined to report on that news area.. So, on with my life.
Friday found Sam Friedman visiting again and we had lunch at Papa Joe's. Jr. we had a good visit and I guess it was a late celebration of my birthday. He did the driving which pleased me. On Saturday I joined the guys for breakfast at Kingsway at 7:30. Later, I went to a bank and the post office then went for a short walk. I had good phone visits with Brian and my friend, Joyce. On Sunday I attended church and Sunday School, read the paper and watched a bit of the Butler basketball win Chuck and Lee had sent me home from Sunday School with some cookies and chocolate covered strawberries. Purty good!.