Tuesday, July 26, 2016



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NEW 7-18-16: I'm happy to report that 'IRELAND WAS CALLING' is finally available on Amazon:

Link to my Bless A Stranger project #28:

To date 22 of the projects I have backed were successfully funded and 5 failed to meet their goal and received no funding.
Check Linden Swift at amazon.com to view his 4 print books and 7 Kindle E-books. Two of the print books each contain 3 of the Kindle books. Sowing Seeds of Faith is his most recent and is available both as a print book and as an E-book. Please check them out when looking for new reads or gifts.
Check Linden Swift at http://www.youtube.com for music and more.
At one time Linden, without reason, felt that GOD judged some sins to be much more damning than others. Linden believed that adultery was the most unforgivable sin...he no longer believes that. Of course, Linden is not in a position where he can speak for GOD in all regards but he does believe that HE hates all sin. The article linked below appears to further address this subject.
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Monday found me delaying the posting of my blog because internet access was not immediately available. So, I went to Chick-fil-A for breakfast and posted the blog later. At home I found that there were several different areas that needed my attention. Dan and Diana came by later in the afternoon for conversation and coffee.
Phil Coulter & Aoife Ni Fhearraigh are the featured musical artists this week.

Song of the day: Lake Of Shadows:


The democrats brought you Obamacare.
Obama, Clinton, Reid, and Pelosi lead the forces of evil.
Hate crime laws should be overturned.
Baseline budgeting is a taxpayer insult.
Hillary Clinton's actions risked our national security.
Your life is affected by politics every day.
Only you can think for you: do it and vote.

SCOTUS: undeserving of respect.
Your political party is not more important than your country!