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Link to my Bless A Stranger Project #30 (poetry by a murder victim):

NEW 7-18-16: I'm happy to report that 'IRELAND WAS CALLING' is finally available on Amazon:

My Bless A Stranger project #29 was not successful.

To date 23 of the projects I have backed were successfully funded and 6 failed to meet their goal and received no funding.
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For years I have had the utmost respect for the FBI. Recently, not so much. It seems to me that they have fallen prey to the machinations of our President and his “Justice Department.” The first article linked below is one of several which have touched upon this subject'

Articles linked below start with one regarding the commentary subject while the other four linked articles may be used from now until election day in the hope that every voter will have read them and, of course, the hope is that they will think about the contents.
The Disappointing FBI article link:

Respecting The Flag article link:

Never, Never Trump Article link:

It Is The Party! Link:

Why you should vote for Donald Trump link:
Tuesday began with me driving to Greenwood to have breakfast with Mary, a high school classmate. She brought me a jar of apple butter that she had made. I made a couple of stops before arriving back home and it was noon when I arrived there. Dan and Diana dropped by for a visit and I also corresponded with Brian.
Jim Reeves is the featured artist this week.

Song of the day: Distant Drums:


The democrats brought you Obamacare.
Obama, Clinton, Reid, and Pelosi lead the forces of evil.
Hate crime laws should be overturned.
Baseline budgeting is a taxpayer insult.
Hillary Clinton's actions risked our national security.
Your life is affected by politics every day.
Only you can think for you: do it and vote.

SCOTUS: undeserving of respect.
Your political party is not more important than your country!